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Red Cliffs Of Dawlish
Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

May's Brexit Gambit: Cheap Parlour Games

It wasn't the strategic masterclass perhaps we all hoped for... ! (Excuse the humorous, modern day Oracle that is "google").

[GERMAN] "Sollte es das Ziel von Theresa May gewesen sein, Europa mit einer Flut von Adjektiven zu überschwemmen, dann war sie an diesem Tag überaus erfolgreich. Großbritannien werde nach dem Brexit fairer, vereinter und weltoffener, sagte die Premierministerin, ein sicheres, wohlhabendes, tolerantes, globales Land. Ein verlässlicher Partner, bereitwilliger Verbündeter, enger Freund.

Unter der Welle an oberflächlichen Nettigkeiten kam vorne am Rednerpult im Lancaster House aber bald etwas Härteres zum Vorschein. Die steinerne Frau May. Sollte der Rest Europas nicht mitziehen und Großbritannien während der Brexit-Verhandlungen sogar bestrafen, sagte die Regierungschefin, dann habe das für alle ungute Folgen. Das war keine Versöhnungsansprache, sondern ein Katalog von Forderungen mit einer Prise Drohung. Viele ihrer Sätze begannen mit: Ich will."

[ENGLISH] "If Theresa May's goal was to flood Europe with a flood of adjectives, she was very successful on that day. According to the Brexit, Britain would be a fair, united and cosmopolitan country, said the Prime Minister, a safe, prosperous, tolerant, global country. A reliable partner, willing ally, close friend.

Under the wave of superficial niceties, however, something harder came to light at the front of the lectern at the Lancaster House. The stone woman, May. If the rest of Europe were not to go with it and even punish Great Britain during the Brexit negotiations, the government said, then this had consequences for all. This was not a question of reconciliation, but a catalog of demands with a pinch of threat. Many of her sentences began with: I want."

I made my opinion very clear about how Brexit negotiations should (and probably will) begin in the previous blog whatever "conflagration of words" is heaped onto the "bonfire of vanities", this Fahrenheit 451. I notice two former Leave Alliance bloggers are (gleefully) joining in concerning FLEXCIT being thrown on too: Flexcit is dead & Flexit is dead. Is FLEXCIT a straw dog?

But this blog is a subject about Mrs. May and her value as a "LEADER". Her speech as the Germans are able to easily deconstruct shows a leader of this type:-

1. Style over substance
2. More concerned about impression with others than a centred self.
3. "I want, I want, I want," like the cries of a baby.
4. Someone who speaks a lot (of adjectives) instead of acting decisively.

In all the maelstrom and firestorm of the speech, created by so many stupid writers, none of them can hide the above results from Mrs. May speech that reveal what kind of leader she is for Brexit: A cowardly politician who's childish communication is the only real source of danger to what otherwise is a complex web of the networks and relationships between people in the EU and out of the EU.

For example, how do the Germans see this speech and this leader? As above. I have limited experience of Germans, except a number of flatmates I've lived with; three or four such people, who have been excellent people with very high standards. In particular my last German flatmate. So how about in a speech as a great leader considering the "other" people on the other side of the deal as part of the speech? I think that would be great leadership and example of the people of the UK, being represented to others by Mrs. May - which is what she's really doing ultimately as Prime Minister. But instead: These "cheap parlour games".