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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Pro-EU Arguments: Critical Thinking

A picture is worth a thousand words: Pro-EU Arguments = Anti-Brexit Arguments not Pro-EU Arguments!

The above pictures are captivating. They've each been used by Pro-EU Think Tanks: British Influence, Open Europe and Centre For European Reform (CER). and indeed replicated across other areas in the Legacy News-Media such as The Guardian.

The salient features of the above images:-
  • Britain is small; EU/Europe is big
  • Big Question marks
  • Holes in where we fit in.
  • We're being plucked out of Europe
  • Our withdrawal would shatter ourselves and Europe/EU/EURO.
This really does a lot to frame the argument as we looked at in the last blog Flawed Arguments: Critical Thinking as "EU-Centric" and again this is replicated in the actual Pro-EU Arguments which are invariably conflations of Europe/EU/Single Market into one:-
  • Single Market = Prosperity
  • EU = Safety
  • EU = Size & influence
  • Brexit = -EU = -Prosperity -Safety -Influence == FUD
I think it is possible to back up these summaries of the Pro-EU arguments at least using Twitter as snap-shot of sources (avoiding a full analysis of for example Focal Point: Critical Thinking where we found a particular Pro-EU argument was 10/12 roughly actually a Single Market argument.

  • Stronger In Europe (BSE) = business support for "EU"
  • Academics for Europe = Leaving EU = Smaller
  • British Influence = Leaving EU = Less Influence in research
  • Brexit Watch = Economic Security/Safety
  • Britain In Europe = Brexit is "Breaking" border collaborations
Have you yet noticed a pattern ABOVE the summary provided above, yet?

Pro-EU Arguments = Anti-Brexit Arguments not Pro-EU Arguments.

What effectively is happening is that Pro-Brexit arguments are not so far being intelligently made and coherently made as we already saw from Dr. RAE North at

Vote Leave - Get Remain; EU Major New Treaty = Pro-EU Argument, Cameron's "reform 2017 use by date", Protest Vote =/= Effective Campaign

Meanwhile the real Pro-EU arguments are from David Cameron, but we know we won't see those either until nearer Spring 2017 as per:-

Hence the Legacy News-Media's insistence on Virtual Reality Politics TV: Westminster: In The Big Brother Household. The combination of Pro-EU groups arguing Anti-Brexit (Single Market + FUD repetition) arguments and Pro-Brexit groups arguing incoherent ghibberish, babbling like baboons, has been picked up a little bit in the news. But it's mostly been a waste of everybody's time, attention and energy: Making us all poorer effectively and if you observe it closely, making you feel like you're ageing daily or else finding something curiously hilarious about it all:-

Small things please small minds - immensely! (Jim Carrey, Dumb & Dumber)

But coming back to the Pro-EU Arguments seeing as we're so familiar with FLEXCIT and The Great Deception and indeed with the Brexit Plans. Little focus has been on Pro-EU Arguments:-

Borders of democracy? Ft. Ulrike Guerot, director of the European Democracy Lab

CLOSE THE GAP Tackling Europe’s democratic deficit - CHRIS TERRY

EU Political Plans: "Bringing Democracy to Nations" or "Ever Closer Union"?

To quote The Brexit Door who looks in-depth at The Fundamental Law of the EUropean Union:-

"This would be the last step to the truly Federal Union, the long held aim of the architects of European Integration.
When the PM comes back and says he has removed the words ‘ Ever Closer Union’ – he won’t be lying. They do not appear in the new text. This is because the Federal Union is complete, the words become redundant.
The inner core would have primacy, it could use special co-operation to increase its own internal centralisation, the associate members would not be part of that process.
In international affairs, the EU would have primacy in a way it has not had up to this point. Britain (and all the associate members) would be increasingly marginalised as the core pressed ahead with its own agenda.
If we fail to secure a Leave vote in 2017, it will be on the back of this agenda being disguised as ‘the British Option’. Once we have voted to remain, it is unlikely that the British public would want to engage with the detail of this again, making ratification of the full federalisation a strong likelihood.
If a Remain vote in 2017 could be read as our Federalist opponents placing us in Check, the ratification of a new treaty that followed the principles in the Fundamental Law would simply be…."

Here, we've at last arrived at the real Pro-EU Arguments. The intention of the current Anti-Brexit Arguments argued by the Pro-EU Campaigners is simple:-
  • (LHS) Vote Leave: Prevent Pro-Brexit Arguments from developing
  • (RHS) BSE: Prevent Pro-EU Arguments from being visible

We know from White Wednesday the strategy is triangulation by David Cameron and Dr. RAE North: Strategy ten: triangulation:-
"In this referendum what should come first is an intelligence-driven appraisal of the enemy intentions. Then we devise our response and implement it. The polls are simply tools (and limited ones at that) for measuring the effects of our own strategy, allowing us to fine-tune our activities."
Therefore we have 3-steps:-
  1. Develop Brexit Argument to neutralize the Anti-Brexit Arguments of the fools making them under the guise of Pro-EU Campaigners.
  2. Expose as much as possible the real Pro-EU arguments and when they are counter-argued argued our Pro-Brexit Arguments back (reserve the present situation)
  3. In time before Cameron's Middle Way Reform Score-Card is played for Association Membership which will look like what it really is: Pro-EU Argument disguised. 

And it's here we can leave with Pete North's vlog request to UKIP and other Migration worried people: Yes! You're correct there's a problem with our policy. But the BIGGER/BIGGEST problem is to quote Dr. RAE North again:-

"The issue of concern is the ABILITY to control our own policy - in the wider sense."

We do that by first withdrawing from the EU via Article 50 Rules (explained here The Brexit Door and here LEAVE HQ Article 50: An Explainer) putting pressure back and only on Westminster politicians who hide behind the EU and don't hence allow themselves to be represented directly and responsibly to the voters in the UK who do want management of Migration Policy improved, for one of many examples. Who has allowed this to go and was elected on such promises of Migration management? Cue David Cameron.

FIRST we must regain Political Control before we can correct Policies: Migration, Fisheries and many more NEXT.

As I said the best way to control David Cameron is through Brexit arguments that neutralized Anti-Brexit puppets. So that we can argue about What Is The EU? and demonstrate only Brexit resolves the problem of the EU - not David Cameron's lies.

Finally if you look again at the title images of Brexit. They are powerful and visible symbols of Anti-Brexit.

Here's The Fundamental Law Of The European Union. There's no image of it.

What we now need to do is focus on this Pro-EU Argument, the real Pro-EU Argument and give it a real face with which to argue about and contrast with Brexit more clearly.

Then it may be seen that the we can shift the frame of reference from "EU-Centric" tunnel vision to "UNECE/Global-Centric expanding horizons.

Now how about that picture of The Fundamental Law?