Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Red Cliffs Of Dawlish
Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Sunday, 8 November 2015

My Kingdom for a Macroscope!

A Grey River perhaps?
A Canyon maybe?
A Mountain Range more likely?
A Lunar Surface possibly?
A Thick-Skinned Animal probably?

... An (Angry) Elephant! 
 In the first blog post here, How do you become a "eurosceptic"? (Note: Now "Brexiteer" is now the newly defined group name as per White Wednesday and "We're All "eurosceptics" now? as per Dr. RAE North at which demonstrates the pollution of the quality of arguments as per Argument Abstraction via The Knight 'N Knave through false actors ie a derived deception which has it's intellectual roots in The Great Deception) I pointed out the spark for my own scepticism; which was the blatant lies and deception concerning the EUROZONE which led to grow into now "Brexiteer" categorization. I don't generally find "labels or self-styled tags" to be at all useful or constructive as they imply limited identity and hence often revert into "defending one's identity" instead of actually arguing about the arguments! However with "Brexiteer" we have a technical working definition as per The Great Deception to paraphrase Theodosius Dobzhansky famous quote on evolution:-
 "Nothing Makes Sense in present British Politics except in the light of the Supranational EU", The Great Deception.

As per Pub Signs an attempt was to made to convey this "Fact And Theory" in our intellectual architecture of when we talk about the European Union = we talk about the Supranational governmental nature, in intent and in execution as recorded and reported from it's history above in The Great Deception. A "Brexiteer" is not only someone who does not accept this form of governance but also who points out that this form of governance leads to certain results as per Jean Monnet's "Engrenage": Destination Unknown? which IS THE MECHANISM on The Road To The European Union . One of the biggest derivatives of this established as fact, is that it has intentionally been "hidden" or down-played or de-emphasized by our politicians. The results is the spread of confusion as described in Power To The People and the manipulation of the confusion in the mass Legacy News-Media, in Understanding The Mountains Of Madness? The above exercise in the application of (lack of) Perspective to Problem-Solving was previously looked at in The Price Of A Glass Of Water: And again a metaphor can again be used in another charming and related form to the above:-
 The Story of the Six Blind Men and The Elephant (Indian high quality version)

If we have defined both WHAT IS THE EU? and therefore WHAT IS IT WE'RE WITHDRAWING FROM? then the problem solving of "making decisions that make positive changes" answers WHY? we should withdraw from the EU or else remain a part of it (defining what it is which is WHAT IS IN IT as much as "the tag" of EU that the Pro-EU arguments have relied upon for so many decades without providing a direct vote to the public on >9 major treaty changes to the EU). Once this has been done then the problem can be decomposed as per Sequential Problem-Solving in Corvids:-

"A macroscope is, according to designer John Thackara, "something that helps us see what the aggregation of many small actions looks like when added together". His theory is that such a device could help to focus ideas in the same way that a microscope focuses light, because it's seldom true that experts have access to both the micro and the macro views simultaneously.

It seems to me the Internet itself (eg Big Data, the ability to translate information into "computational forms") is beginning to act like a "macroscope" and where Brexit and the EU are concerned, no better an example can be provided, as per Lost Leonardo A Revolution In Public Policy-Making than "Dr. Richard AE North with Robert Oulds of the Bruges Group and the assistance of readers of" have managed to achieve with FLEXCIT:-
 FLEXCIT: Breaks the problem defined down into Six Stages

When we consider the EU we have an answer: The Great Deception documents it's history, whether or not you like the sound of it's title "it's tag": "WHAT IS IN IT" is what counts. For Brexit we have such tediousness, to quote the The Six Blind Men and The Elephant:-
"It was six  men of Indostan, who learning much inclined, went to see the Elephant, though all were blind, that each by observation, might satisfy his mind..."
"... So these men of Indostan disputed loud and long, each in his own opinion, exceeding stiff and strong, though each was partly in the right, and all were in the wrong."

Looking at the below we see that numerous different relationships with the EU is  in fact The Rule And Not The Exception as opposed to how the politicians and news-media attempt to portray the EU as The Singular Regional Rule for UK/Britain :-

 ALL the exceptions PROVE to be The Rule and not the exception to the EU!

We already looked at this perspective change in The Road To The European Union and how UNECE has x56 members as well as the EEA containing x31 members to the EU's x28 members to the EZ's x19 members. And we confirmed where that Road leads to:

A Black Swan arrives at Abbotsbury, Dorset

Reviewing where we are at the MACRO-Scale:-

  • Trigger Article 50 TEU Lisbon Treaty

A Macroscope of EU, Brexit and FLEXCIT to effect secure and controlled transition from Supranational - Intergovernmental

Here is an attempt to use a MACROSCOPE to understand what Brexit is. The past defines the EU. The Present confirms the EU and the Future predicts the EU. If we consider ourselves "Brexiteers": Then Brexit (LHS) is merely boiled down to a  FOCAL POINT for our perspective no-matter what auxillery or supplementary ideas we may have or hold or contest. It is a declarative PRESENT SIMPLE event on the day of the Referendum, that requires for that date, minimizing of unpredictablity, of magnitude and of spurious intentionality and is x1 major component of a larger process as per FLEXCIT itself, which makes this fundamentally clear: The continuum feedback-loop of the full continuous process:-
  • Iterative decision-making via stages
  • Continuous PROCESS connecting time points
  • Flexible adaptation to Withdrawal content (WHAT IS IN IT)
 For more on Article 50:-
 What's so important is that we Learning & Playing The Rules Of The Game because our present frame of reference is >40yrs of EU Membership. Brexit is a portal or threshold from that point of view: ie x1 Day compared to 16425 days of EEC->EC->EU->EU+EZ Membership via The Great Deception:-

What is the purpose of Article 50: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up of our Government and our systems of governance For The People By The People in our Popular Referendum as per Power To The People. which is worth far far more than false promises from our deceptive politicians of Turkish Delight! Turkish Delight! and again made clear as per Dr. RAE North: EU Referendum: the "better deal" fallacy.