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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Leave Campaign: Asking The Right Questions

The Matrix of "Remove + Keep + Reclaim + Gain" within the Leave Question

The Electoral Commission has done a good job in converting the "In/Out" or "Yes/No" question into a "Remain/Leave" question. However it's still a very limited means of capturing the most relevant headline information per response. The above I hope helps demomstrate this?

The major consideration for Leave respondents is:-
  • Remove
  • Keep
  • Reclaim
  • Gain
Remove is discussed by Ben Kelly The supranational root of our EU problem. It should be clear that signing up to the Supranational "Ever Closer Union" tends to make those people who want to see more of each member nations' sovereignty yielded to this organization, justified in their motivations to achieve this - by invariably whatever effective means possible: Usually the more invisible the more effective. One of the real positives of removing these, via Triggering Article 50 (via playing by the rules) is that our Democratic Mandate to the government to carry out this result via Article 50 is effective also in removing such motivations that undermine and disrupt and produce disunity and deception. All catelogued in Christopher Booker and Dr. Richard North's history of the European Union: The Great Deception. For many people who support Brexit this is the definitive result. Anything else is a bonus? It's also the primary definition of Brexit: Our leaders signatures or our signatures on joining and leaving.

Keep has been discussed "ad nauseum"; a particularly good summary at Campaign For An Independent Britain on The Market Solution primary path EFTA/EEA and this follows the rational of an interim state to ensure the above Political Question being resolved is not way-laid or sabotaged by Economic Questions. Hence the idea behind The Norway Option which secures Single Market Access, ensures cooperative schemes are all carried out to everyone's benefit. This is the mature attitude to ensure equal partners in our withdrawal and hence mutually agreeable and beneficial: It is of course a democratic decision and that must be respected by all: The way forward. It does hinge on Freedom Of Movement being conceded for this transition period. If you compare all that is gained then you'll find it a worthy concession to keep for the time-being.

Reclaim: If you have followed the history of the Fisheries by John Ashworth you'll see that it is a source of national shame concerning our politicians and civil servants against the people they are elected to serve. We will reclaim several major policy areas but it will take TIME! to reformat these over years.

Gain: Perhaps one of the least well appreciated or understood: We gain representation at the global bodies which have been advancing rapidly through the globalization process of regulations and standards where real global influence can be wielded. This is a true benefit and immediate upon withdrawal. Pete North has blogged about this extensively.

The exercise above is to "tot up" POSITIVES FOR LEAVING. Remember the "?" of Freedom of Movement if not combined will prevent any positives from being achieved most notably the "Remove" fundamentals of Brexit.

 Questions Behind The Question: EU Referendum: Remove, Keep, Reclaim, Gain

For more information on the questions and to try the exercise (removal and keep at least) head on over to a Question Survey at Survey Monkey I wrote up with some descriptions per option to flex out the details and your understanding.

However there's a very important element to asking the right questions for the Leave Campaign. If we do not, guess what? Deceptive Actors will ask the wrong questions in our place and sabotage the argument, as some examples will demonstrate:-

And dominating the debate with a "Free Pass" in the Legacy News-Media keeping the public ignorant and in the dark:-

Beavis: "We'll %*&£!!! if we leave the EU" Butthead: "Trade Deal! Trade Deal!"

What a stupid spectacle the BBC serves up to the public; it's "biff-bam" modus operandi.

It's the same with Daniel Hannan, John Redwood, David Campbell-Bannerman, Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage. Our politicians are too busy trying to sound important to be able to develop the education of knowledge for the voters to be able to understand asking the right questions for either Remain or Leave.