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Red Cliffs Of Dawlish
Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Thursday, 10 March 2016

EU: From Common Market To EU Constitution

Phylogenetic "tree of life" - Most of our focus is on a single, tiny little branch!

People are generally familiar with the phrase "Tip Of The Iceberg" which is approximately 90% underwater to the visible 10% (1/10) due to ice/water density difference. But if you look at other possible metaphors perhaps the above "tree of life" you'll see that the "visible" component (us!!) is staggeringly small compared to the full picture. Further in the Metazoa (Animal Kingdom) the Phylums can be expressed as:-

A pie chart showing the contribution of each animal phylum to the total number of animal species (Half of all described vertebrate species are fishes and three-quarters of all described invertebrate species are insects)

In our Referendum on 23rd June, 2016 we have simple question, Electoral Commission:-
"Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?"
  • Remain a member of the European Union 
  • Leave the European Union
 A lot of the focus on Remain is the context of David Cameron's "special status" as per Dr. RAE North EU Referendum: House of Commons on Dave's Dodgy Deal and The Brexit Door: Official – Dave’s Deal “Not Binding”.

This is a weighty preamble to a simple statement of fact from which we derive an even simpler question:-
"On that basis, one can rightly conclude that Mr Cameron's claims of having brought home a binding treaty cannot be justified in any material sense. His claim, for instance, that the concept of "ever closer union" no longer applies to the UK cannot be true, since it requires a change to EU treaties. There has been no change to EU treaties, and the Decision cannot require any change to be made. 

It is perhaps not for a House of Commons briefing paper to say this, but the inference is so clear that, if Parliament was worth its salt, MPs would be calling the Prime Minister to account. Instead, we get prissy hypocrites taking us to task for calling Mr Cameron what he is – a liar.

To some this is supposedly "abuse", but there must be a limit to the circumvention that has become the norm amongst the bubble-dwellers. When the Prime Minister sets out deliberately to lie to the British people, for political effect, this should be pointed out. To avoid doing so is cowardice.

There we have it. Lying over key policy areas has now become a central part of political discourse, yet the only criticism comes when we point that out."
Statement: David Cameron has lied to the UK.

Question: Why?

Why is our number one leader deceiving the entire nation and most of the Establishment "going along" with it? It's a tiny word: "L-I-E". A tiny detail that rules the present focus of so much human energy:-

The genesis of divergent ideas about how we self-organize our societies and what type of state we want to govern us (Churchill used as a counter-personification proxy to Jean Monnet for illustration; though he did champion a vision of intergovernmentalism)

Cameron's lie needs further context, lets step back one stage in this political evolutionary lineage of our EU Membership:-
"When I conceived this text seven years ago, I knew the legal arguments related to the European Constitution were too complex and multi-layered. That is why I tried to simplify then in the "ten commandments" of what "European Constitutional Treaty" will bring." ~ Václav Klaus
 Ten Commandments of the EU Constitution, p.43-45
  1. The European Union will become a state and will have all the fundamental features of a state. It will have it's own constitution, its citizens, its territory, its external border, its currency, its president, its minister of foreign affairs etc. It will have it's own flag, anthem and public holiday. (Some of these features already exist others are introduced or strengthened by this document).
  2. In this newly established state of a federalist type, current member states will still be called states, but in reality they will have no more power than mere regions or provinces. The President of the Republic will still be called politely "Mr. President" by the European Bureaucrats, but the European directives will be carried out regardless of the wishes of the people or of their elected representatives in the member states.
  3. The constitution of the EU state will be superior to the constitutions of the member states. The entire Union's legal order will also have primary over the legal order of the member states.
  4. The very term "Constitutional Treaty" is imprecise and only temporarily. This document will be a treaty between sovereign states only as long as it is not ratified. - as a treaty in the member states. Then it will become a real constitution.
  5. The concept of shared sovereignty - hitherto dominant in today's old EU - is being weakened and a new pan-European sovereignty is emerging instead. In the new EU the states are definitively losing their hitherto exclusive right to create their own laws.
  6. The citizens of the individual member states will become citizens of the State of the European Union, with direct rights and obligations to the institutions of this European State. It is possible to be a citizen of a State; it is not possible to be a citizen of an international organization. 
  7. The member states will only be able to exercise those competencies that are left to them under the EU constitution., not the other way around, which was the original idea of European integration. Derived (secondary) legal acts will be superior to the original (primary) legal acts of the member states. The primary and secondary are trading places.
  8. The EU, not the member states will have the exclusive power to sign most international treaties with other states. The new member states will only be able to sign treaties that will "unreservedly support the common international and security policy line".
  9. In the voting procedures, the weight of the smaller member states, including the Czech Republic, is decreasing with the constitutional treaty (as compared to the current situation resulting from the Treaty of Nice).
  10. The Union can extend it's own sphere of competence through the so-called "flexibility clause" and "passerelle clause". Even those areas of decision-making in which the member states will retain the future their right of veto can at any time be transferred under majority voting (it is sufficient that the presidents or prime ministers of the EU countries agree on this unanimously, without the national parliaments having to decide the issue , to say nothing of the citizens' consent).
 This is quite a lot to take in even if simplified and some years back. But necessary to show the deeper level behind much of what appears subsequently and on the surface. A lot of what he calls "Europeism", a spiritual ideology of the idea of the EU to it's chief proponents.

 More discussion from scientists on our political futures

"Political elites have always known that the shift in decision-making from the national to the supranational level weakens the traditional democratic mechanisms (that are inseparable from the existence of a nation state) and this increases their power in a radical way. This is why they wanted this shift so badly in the past, and that is why they want it today."

"Together, they have formed a mighty coalition which - and yes, I forgot to mention the scientists and artists, recipients of generous grants, often from the EU - will block such change. I take part in European debates at least once a week in various parts of our continent and I am a first-hand eyewitness in that respect." [along with the media and other vested narrow interest groups]
Scientists have helped us increase our knowledge of the natural world and more, but much like most of the personages in Referendum: Choice With No Meaning are they really helping inform the debate?

Or are they part of the system that creates a Prime Minister who lies to the nation and none are supposed to criticise this "lack of truth"?