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Red Cliffs Of Dawlish
Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Our Once And Future Sovereignty

People Are "Doomed" To Forget Original Meaning
"The demarcation between a positive or negative desire or action is not whether it gives you an immediate feeling of satisfaction but whether it ultimately results in positive or negative consequences... in the case of everyday experiences, if there are certain types of events that you do not desire, then the best method of ensuring that that event does not take place is to make sure that the causal conditions that normally give rise to that event no longer arise. Similarly if you want a particular event or experience to occur, then the logical thing to do is to seek and accumulate the causes and conditions that give rise to it." ~ Dalai Lama; The Art of Happiness
Parliament: Popular for tourist photos; meanwhile down the road...

I took the above picture yesterday after attending EU Referendum: The Leave Alliance launch. I have a very wide range of personal reactions to the event which I've not fully been able to apprehend or understand entirely. That is not to say there were not some extraordinary positive outcomes: To attend an event of very high quality which will aid in the continuous learning process personally; and the political process eventually; if that finally starts on June 24th or 10 years later...

 Dreamlike: I could not help feel as if the enormous Houses of Parliament were a political dessert and the small group meeting down the road, a tiny, unseen and unsung source; full of vitality and a well-spring to learning: Where did real power flow from?

Lost Leonardo provides a summary of the schedule of the meeting, The Leave Alliance Launch – Part I including the speakers and their contribution or representation of what they were able to offer from their own area of understanding and interest. Here is another extreme of the reaction I had to the event, not with the speakers, but with the failure of some of the listeners present. It's highly noticeable that certain modes of thinking repeat themselves via many different people; invariably each person unaware of this. There's a couple of examples that I can recall to provide a mere few of the numerous forms it takes, a couple of faces with which we can use for the purpose of making an abstract into a temporarily useful example:-
  • To use moderate language to persuade "more people" to vote "our way" (leave); particularly in the media and Parliament then we will "break-through".
  • How can we overcome the problem of marketing FLEXCIT to more people... to again persuade "more people" to vote "our way"?
I want to be sure, these examples are temporary variations of the central mode of thinking; which itself repeats in numerous derived forms over and over and over again. I noticed that Dr. RAE North is mistakenly the object of such subject's and the effective "verb" "To Convert".

Let's be clear, the true irony of Dominic Cummings' accusation that "followers of FLEXCIT" are a cult. And we can kill several birds with one stone here: I don't believe for a second that the group that gathered yesterday is in the business of "converting":-
  1. In my previous blog The Leave Alliance: Synthesis of Arguments I asserted this group's organizational principle has a foundation in "knowledge-driven" argument" (To grasp this meaning in a simple form refer to the Dalai Lama's quote above).
  2. The people involved in these groups are very ordinary, dare to go further, "normal" people. see: We are go for launch!. Compare this to the politicians EU Referendum: the race to the bottom who's behaviour is so often so extraordinarily perverse. You could invite some of your friends to form their judgement of people discussing here and they'd say it sounds just like any old pub chat about politics except if you are well-informed on the given subject you'll realize there's some really knowledgeable people present.
  3. Despite so many repeated calls and attempts by so many different people to distort the strategy EU Referendum: countdown to launch and the values of these groups "to gain more followers" or even to adopt and become proponents of propaganda, they are always always rejected.
  4. It has to be said, that many of the people who make this type of argument are themselves so used to the present form of politics that they take this deception as "that's how things work". This is indeed how Parliament works, Pete North: Time for yellow belly Tories to wake up: Anyone who gets in either gets converted, their ideals corrupted supposedly under the pragmatic process of "compromise" or else they are not selected or elevated via the system.
  5. Finally, for such people they are in need of "remedial learning" of the above and considering the possibility of an "alternative way of organizing" political power. I hope if anyone feels as if they've made this mistake (I did when I first started reading - yes) then to consider not from their own subjective filters but to consider from the point of view of Dr. RAE North and how his limited time would be more productively and POSITIVELY spent on more people if allowed to be given the benefit of the doubt and trusted more in knowing what he is doing!
  6. If on the other hand you feel you know more, then please write up your Brexit Plan and submit to the public forum of real democracy to be considered by anyone of any position in life:-

 Trust: "It does what it says on the tin!"

Point Six was made at the meeting with respect to the neglect of FLEXCIT: The Market Solution by the media and my Parliament at the same time as their neglect to call out the LIES of our Prime Minister in Office: David Cameron. How to convey this comparison effectively?


 Functional Scolding/Insulting: Secret misdeeds and deception: The Breaking of Trust and hence The Oaths of Office

The Decay in Politics and Language; something George Orwell noted as especially dangerous:-

Look at the size of that thing! The British Prime Ministers and hence The Houses of Parliament: Guilty of the Greatest oath-breaking of the nation by order of magnitude of their respective office of state. And hence warranting the most sever of insults against their lies.
An oath of office is an oath or affirmation a person takes before undertaking the duties of an office, usually a position in government or within a religious body, although such oaths are sometimes required of officers of other organizations. Such oaths are often required by the laws of the state, religious body, or other organization before the person may actually exercise the powers of the office or any religious body. It may be administered at an inauguration, coronation, enthronement, or other ceremony connected with the taking up of office itself, or it may be administered privately. In some cases it may be administered privately and then repeated during a public ceremony.
I tried to establish that the quality of arguments is very important for the dynamic of knowledge systems which in turn is reliant on TRUST. Those arguments forming two sides from which a third choice is finally made by people in a Popular Referendum requires knowledge of both sides of the argument Leave Alliance: Synthesis of Arguments to be available in a form that allows people to interpret in a combination from their values as a people, their self-interests as individuals and their inherited learning from people who are experts in various areas from which they can believe to be true and representative of other people's perspectives to add their own (collective and individual).
Cascade Method by The Leave Alliance: Distribution of Knowledge is inverse to Argument Construction but still relies on consistency of true inheritance from their source of origin

There is only one fair way of doing this. And that is if people agree to the SAME RULES for following such a process. In a team sport, the two "teams" must agree to abide by the same rules and often the players either don't know the rules very well or else their own self-motivation or adrenaline effectively disrepairs their regard for consistently upholding the rules and the temptation to cheat enters in occassionally, and more so if they assume they can "get away with it". The same applies to who governs us. However in this Referendum, We The People are the referee: Do we agree with David Cameron's New Deal and his promises of new knowledge: Do we trust him? Or do we find out for ourselves, hold our own future ("Destiny") in our own hands?

 There were some very funny moments and comments at The Leave Alliance launch; notably Anthony Scolefield's comparison of the NATO treaty size (a couple of sides of paper) to the EU's (see Lisbon Treaty above).

 Accessible to anyone.