Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Red Cliffs Of Dawlish
Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

EUReferendum: The Pub Question

The EU Referendum Question - Visualized

During the filming of FLEXCIT: The Movie, the question was asked:-

A Visual Aid To Shared Attention During Discussions - Available on All Good Smart Phones (!)

"How do you explain the EU Referendum to anyone if you are talking to them in the Pub?"

Which is to say, how can you talk about the EU Referendum and explain to anyone to help them understand the headline issues and hence persuade them how to vote? As Dr. RAE North pointed out, there's a limit to how much you can simplify or "dumb down" a subject as complex as this. But I think establishing some fundamentals using a visual aid to create context to either choice is a possible substitute?

Afterall in the pub we can use our smartphones to tell us the directions of somewhere on a map (google maps for example) or we can use google to find the answer to a pub quiz question too (if we are cheating!). So why not an EU Referendum Question, as well?

I produced the above video in under 2 minutes as the most summarized overview of the EU Referendum using the "Map Argument" or "Decision Flow Diagram" approach, in both cases to visualize the context around each question and provide the necessary headlines should people wish to learn more and I've included a visual of the information that is:-

  • Readily available to anyone on the internet to use to inform themselves.
  • Readily available to the Legacy News-Media and politicians who in the main continue to ignore and not use such wealth of information and hence continue to perpetrate a disservice on the citizens of the UK.
  • The sources have been selected for quality and for the essential fact they are all holistic: They all work together to create a complete and definitive argument structure on both sides of the question.

I think ultimately people are most interested in the Destination of the vote, and leaving the in between details to politicians and others to reassure and secure such complexity for people to then consider.

Afterall isn't that the job of the politicians and if they're not doing a good job or indeed failing at this vital job we have elected and paid them to perform in public service of representing the people... can we get rid of them?!