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Red Cliffs Of Dawlish
Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

View From Vote Leave: Full of Complicity; Empty of Conscience

The view from The Eiffel Tower: People resemble the size and scale of swarming insects

In the previous blog, The Political Glass Bead Game: Delusional Decision-Making , the unreal nature of the political debate was described in broad brush terms with the use of the analogy of Herman Hesse's The Glass Bead Game. There's potential here that'll be revisited in the future some time after the Referendum. To use this context, the latest moves by Vote Leave concern Immigration:-

Then to add:-

 Roll out the "Tory Civil War" Glass Beads...

The above sets out the descriptions for this blog. You can read the explanations via (strangely de-ranked by Google...

If we look at some of Dominic Cummings' previous blogs and possibly link to his decision-making helming Vote Leave's decisions:-
  1. "An interesting attempt at such a plan is FLEXCIT based on using the EEA as a transition phase – remaining in the Single Market and retaining a (modified) version of free movement – while a better deal, inevitably taking years, is negotiated. This is an attempt to take the Single Market out of the referendum debate. I will discuss the merits of this idea another time when I’ve studied it more.
  2. "Polls have shown for over a decade that most businesses regard the costs of the EU and the Single Market as greater than the gains and want many more powers brought back than Cameron is now asking for (e.g. ICM, April 2004)."
  3. "Polls have consistently shown for over a decade that about 70% of businesses reject the rationale for both the Customs Union and the Single Market and want Britain to regain the power to make our own trade deals, which is not part of Cameron’s renegotiation effort (see ICM, April 2004 and October 2006)."
In the previous blog there was a spreadsheet image of some of the major donors to Vote Leave. It seems possible there is a link between Cummings' "polls on businesses" and these influential donors' narratives on The Single Market and the money that flows from such a Leave Organization.

Effectively, the data from polls (which shows Immigration as second most important issue) is a kind of argument developed from complicity: Complicity with what people feel they WANT or think they WANT as groups of swarming insects and the political group offering the most nectar will win their vote.

So we have this entirely absurd abstracted to nonsense Referendum Campaign as a result whereby those in power look down from such a height at the teeming multitudes and discern how to arrange them in formations that suit their obscure intentions.

What of course these polls don't tell us is how to argue in good conscience. People become numbers, similar with respect to the whole discussion on the industrialization of warfare that Dr. RAE North mentions: EU Referendum: remember Verdun . Such information becomes appalling knowledge felt when you consider all the men recruited in their villages and towns with NO INKLING THAT THEIR LIVES WERE TO BECOME MERE NUMBERS in quantification of piling more and more numbers against the enemies. What value their own individual lives and stories and livihoods removed and replaced by such numbers of losses:-
"French artillery alone fired more than twelve million shells, the German guns considerably more. The number of dead and wounded on both sides exceeded 700,000." 
What we have today in our media communication is a return to:-
  • There is no significant problem with the EU: It is ALL good. The Guardian: Peddling hyper-emotionality.
  • The only problem is the Tory "in-fighting" threatening this "good". (see above)
  • "The EU Single Market is incredibly value to the UK for it's security and economic life!" EU Referendum: a flawed consensus
  • "This is proven by the negative and short-termist emotionalists of the Vote Leave/UKIP Immigration complainers." (see links above that are incoherent from Vote Leave)
  • "Really this Referendum is a big mistake where people don't think there is a major problem to hold such an event." Janan Ganesh: Thank you, you complete asshat: Janan Ganesh Is Wrong: Britain Can Still Make History – If We Leave The EU

Remember Vote Leave sent out their own leaflet with a deliberate lie on the front of it. Now they move into Immigration position which is determined not to boost their vote, but to UPHOLD the glaring deceit of the EU argument above.

"The stupidity of it all is that "Project Fear" could so easily be neutralised by pointing out that no government could or would ever allow the worst projections to come to pass. The most logical outcome would be the plan of which no one dares speak its name." 
There is little conscience and too much complicity in UK Politics magnified usefully by this EU Referendum Campaign and how debased it has been conducted by our own politicians and others.