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Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Betrayal Of Britains Fishing - Booklet

The Betrayal of Britain's Fishing to the European Union ~ John Ashworth

The Betrayal of Britain’s Fishing – Booklet now available

"Readers who appreciated John Ashworth’s excellent series of articles on the Common Fisheries Policy will be delighted to know that the eight pieces he wrote for this website have been edited into a single booklet, which is now available free of charge (although any contributions would be greatly welcomed).

If you live in near a fishing port, it will be a particularly useful booklet to distribute, but even if you don’t, what has happened to our fishing industry does not stand alone. This well-researched and hard-hitting account of the destruction of our fishing fleet by government ministers and civil servants epitomises everything that is wrong with our membership of the EU and provides a very powerful reason as to why we should vote to leave. Please contact admin [at] campaignforanindependentbritain [dot] org [dot] uk if you wish to order copies."
You can read the above booklet at the link provided or order a physical copy of the booklet by John Ashworth via The Campaign For An Independent Britain (CIB) again using the link or email contact address above.

I previously blogged about this subject and John Ashworth's work as it was being written up at CIB. There's a very very strong reason why it is one of the best works ever produced on Brexit or the EU and with respect to Fisheries as a Political Argument, possibly the best I have personally read. I think I am right in being able to successfully convey this reasoning via the efficacious illustration that I hope will be immensely valuable for framing and structuring conceptual understanding to the work and the factual research and details it's based upon and the core principles from which it continuously refers and repeats and rigorously demonstrates - in reality:-

Useful 'Thinking Framework' for John Ashworth's magnificent work

The Booklet is only 31 pages in total length including supplementary pages. Please take time to sit down and read it and think about it. If you do, you'll have, I'm absolutely sure and confident, understood the core arguments of the EU Referendum and Brexit as applied to a specific policy area: Fisheries. But the principles are transferable to all other policy areas; and hence it is an encapsulation of the complete argument - By reading this booklet you will have successfully learn the core or "kernel" of the political argument concerning the UK's Referendum on its EU membership and its alternative, Brexit; by which you will be informed enough to know how to vote either "Remain" or "Leave".

This booklet really is that valuable.

Many Thanks to John Ashworth for producing such a useful work.