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Red Cliffs Of Dawlish
Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Market Solution: Bite-Sized Chunks

I'm working on something in the vein of the idea about "how to present different forms of answers for different approaches to answering the same question". As such this blog merely draws attention to The Market Solution in a form which may be welcome to people for different reasons as well as allowing me to copy and paste the relevant information here, while I continue on with my own "project".

EU Referendum: Flexcit, the pamphlet

Why we care about attention to detail, and why we have a plan

(2) The Market Solution: Stage Two - Free movement, immigration and asylum

(3) The Market Solution: Stage Three – Creating a genuine European single market

(4) The Market Solution: Stage Four – Restoring Independent Policies

So much useless focus has centered on (1) Leaving the EU by both the Remain and Leave advocates, while there is so much more arguments that subsequently follow. It's no surprise that the UK seems piss-poor at planning for the future.

Here's some resources that look into correcting that debate more accurately so we can actually progress the scope of arguments more widely and more deeply:-

The EFTA/EEA Route: An "off the shelf" model

The EFTA/EEA route - A soft landing 

(A) For successful Brexit negotiations, we need to adopt a transitional arrangement

 (B) Brexit: in "Europe" and ruled by Norway

(C) The EEA Acquis: Norway adopts 1 in 5 of all EU laws

(D) EEA costs: What does Norway pay?

(E) The EEA "emergency brake"

(F) The UK will not have to renegotiate its trade deals


 Norway has no influence?

The Norway Option — Some bookmarks


Article 50 And Withdrawal: An explainer