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Red Cliffs Of Dawlish
Red Cliffs Of Dawlish

Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Clash Of Kings

"The dog does not bother you, does she? She's a friendly dog and I'm sure she will behave herself."

I've shown the above picture to various people concerning President Putin's meeting with Germany's Chancellor Merkel and mostly everyone finds it a very amusing anecdote and seems to be based more or less in recorded fact, for example on wikipedia the dog, Koni's entry mentions such a meeting. Either way, it's a great anecdote of "A Clash Of Kings", and the attempt to gain some small advantage of perception/image that symbolizes the greater "(A) Game Of Thrones" being played; and the anecdote of the "guest" who has some form of fearful aversion or allergy to pets which ineluctably are drawn to such people with their innocent friendliness, and they either rub their fur coats against such a person (if they're allergic) or press their noses into the groin region or in the case of Merkel are oblivious to the fearful aversion they evoke. But Koni is not "sniffing around" by accident in the diplomatic room... .

In George R.R. Martin's Clash Of Kings, there's an especially piquant scene involving "The Seven Kingdom's" ruling Privy or Small Council in which they concoct a form of propaganda against one of their enemies:-

EU Reform: A Clash Of Kings? "The best lies contain within them nuggets of truth."
"And the best lies contain within them nuggets of truth, enough to give a listener pause... in my experience, the more bizarre and shocking a tale, the more apt it is to be repeated." ~ Lord Petyr Baelish "Littlefinger", A Clash Of Kings, p.209-210.
And this is as per "A Clash Of Kings" a particularly potent form of weapon: To fabricate false arguments against your opponents, so that they end up fighting against an invisible hand and thereby fail to land a real blow on "the perpetrator" themselves and their own "nexus of power": We already looked at the importance of memory in our starting premises in Eurosceptic "Amnesia" vs Brexiteer "Total Memory Recall" and the results of our Legacy News-Media's "amnesia" on the EU Referendum reporting in Understanding The Mountains of Madness and compared this to establishing the historic major pattern of this debate on the EU in Pattern Recognition and the fallacies of our Political Class leading to defective decision-making in  Argumentum Ad Infinitum . All these components can be brought to bear on the UK Prime Minister David Cameron's "EU Reform "euroscepticism" as per Politicians: No Taste, No Style, So Derivative! and his Fallacy of The Middle Way Argument crunching the "political arithmetic" based off public sentiment swings from polling data as opposed to changing the knowledge of the public in the lead-up to the EU Referendum and thereby depriving them of an opportunity to experience enhanced real "direct" democracy, as per Learning & Playing The Rules Of The Game:-

Our modern day "Oracle": Google Trends: "EU Reform" 2005-2015

This shows how effective all the above propaganda has been in stringing along the public a false story on the EU and dragging it on for in the above picture of "news trending" via google data, over a decade. If we simply use the above time-line and apparently we're going to hear about Cameron's Reform plans "soon", it is rational to tell David Cameron that we do not trust him that it is time for him to shut-up and stop lying to us. We just have to look at the above and notice how long we have been lied to without a vote either.

Fortunately this has been well known at for sometime, as per most recently Dr. RAE North writes: EU Referendum: there are no negotiations:-
"This cannot be repeated enough times: there are no negotiations. Mr Cameron is perpetrating a charade, an outrageous pretence, going through the motions in order to convince a gullible media and an unknowing electorate that he is striving to deliver a new relationship with the EU."

Interestingly the Legacy Media has finally caught up in Peter Oborne's article in the Daily Mail:

"Indeed, Osborne has now helped to arrange for Mandelson — who was twice forced to resign from Labour governments — to become the president of the Great Britain China Centre. This is a prestigious post, which will see him promoting mutual trust and understanding between the UK and China.

Mandelson and Osborne want the referendum to be held at the last possible moment.

Britain will not be part of this group and will be given a so-called ‘escape clause’

It means that David Cameron will be armed with powerful weapons to argue for Britain’s continued membership of the EU, even if he fails to win the concessions for Britain that he has said he aims to achieve.

He will be able to argue, very plausibly, that EU membership gives the UK the best of both worlds: that is, we remain part of the wider European trading area, while escaping the onerous burdens of membership of a new European superstate.
This riddle from A Game Of Thrones sums up the public's predicament:-

Where does power reside?

“In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between them stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids him slay the other two. ‘Do it,’ says the king, ‘for I am your lawful ruler.’ ‘Do it,’ says the priest, ‘for I command you in the names of the gods.’ ‘Do it,’ says the rich man, ‘and all this gold shall be yours.’
"So tell me – who lives and who dies?”