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Friday, 23 October 2015

Sequential Problem-Solving in Corvids

8-Step Sequential Problem-Solving in Corvids

The above diagram shows the sequence of steps a corvid (New Caledonian Crow) has to perform, in the right order in order to be able to collect a food reward:-

  1. The Corvid must secure a small stick that it can retrieve, first. (1)
  2. It must use this stick to extract (2), (3), (4) stones from separate containers.
  3.  It must drop each stone into another container (5) to push a weight (6)
  4. To acquire a longer stick (7)
  5. To use this to then extract the food reward in yet another container (8).
Here's a video of this process:-

 8-Step Sequential Problem-Solving in Corvids

Referring again to When To Attend/Hold Meetings concerning what is talked about but as important how such group meetings are organize (or not organized) concerning the content of "The Problem" being discussed and the intention to improve more people's understanding of "The Problem" so that we can scale it up to a national vote in our Direct Democracy Popular Referendum, we subsequently noted how essential it is as preliminary work to abstract the essential rules, definitions and contextual concepts with which to create productive communication of understanding, as per Learning & Playing The Rules Of The Game.

It was noted that "scaling up arguments" to more people is very different from "scaling down arguments" to more people which does have a name: "Dumbing Down". Simplification or abtraction of basic headline understanding of various components in "The Problem" that we're discussing is perfectly reasonable to then communicate economically and at a level of understanding different people find necessary. However that arises from correct identification and understanding and definition of the "The Problem" in the first place.

 Because this simple difference as above is not observed, and politicians are in the business of winning numbers of votes, they will resort to the techniques and methods that THEY understand which derive from the above. They won't necessarily understand the problems any more than any one else. For example the Smoothies entreneur Richard Reed, has been speaking recently along with a host of other such "VIP's" in the public eye. Yet these people, businessmen, dignitaries of various kinds don't necessarily understand the problem anymore than anyone else albeit insights from their experiences may be of heuristic value simply because it's not biased source necessarily as it invariably will be from politicians!

Here's the present state of the EU Referendum debate and Brexit discussions Sturgeon's Law:-

The state of "eurosceptic"/EU Referendum Pro-EU and Anti-EU or Brexit Arguments

Even when there are useful or interesting facts, the sheer lack of of "A Guiding Principle" or "Meta-Organization" behind their presentation and dissemination leaves their input value to this "national debate" mostly impaired. Not only this but this "conventional wisdom" becomes it's own "barrier to uptake and understanding" of this subject to more people: Confusion reigns and hence Boredom and Apathy are inevitable results. Pete North (see blogroll) is currently writing about this result Lord Lawson is a bloody fool and Don't get your hopes up. We're stayng in the EU. There's very little surprise in this result as will be explored in the next blog. But for the record there is a conceptual understanding that ties all the seemingly disparate components together.

And yet as Dr. RAE North writes, the people who run the "eurosceptic campaigns" such as UKIP, LEAVE.EU, Vote Leave (just look at these websites to consider how poorly organized their thinking is) are demonstrating 2 things:-

  • Our modern politics is so degraded the professional "national decision-makers" demonstrate very low quality in their abilities to think clearly, to problem-solve and to construct arguments on a national, political scale and in fact they thrive on the opposite, on prolonging problems presented as intractable and inducing "national anxiety" as per Our Government: "Ifs, Buts, Maybes"
  • It's a 2-way street: The British People are so turned off the subject partly as a deliberate policy by the political Establishment that when the time comes for a Test of Direct Democracy, they're simply not prepared to pass this test and and hence chronically national decision-making invariably will lead to for many people a devaluation of the standard of life they're accustomed to or would wish for their children, not understanding the decision-making drives the state of the economy over the longer time-frame above periodic cycles.

Looking at some of the Eurozone Nations which will make-up the New Federal Structure of the EU in it's upcoming New Treaty, it can't be helped but to consider they need a strong "state" to drive through reforms for this nations, because the structure and organization of them is so inadequate. Effectively what such nations require is an Adult-Child relationship between State>Society. It's an interesting way of considering things, particularly in the UK where the Legacy Media, in particular in it's depiction of our Politicians as a "Ruling Class", "Tory Toffs", "Banker-Xankers" and so on and so forth, is seemingly catering to an audience who enjoys this content more than resolving the practical problems:-

Peter Osborne's: The Triumph of the Political Class

For example the wage increases during austerity: Politicians Pay Rise Until Austerity Measures Can Be Lifted. Looks like there's only x7 signatures... . There's a couple of questions here: Do we in the UK feel as if it time for an Adult-Adult relationship between State-Society? And if we do, perhaps we should start to question the performance of our Political Class more closely compared to the pay they entitle themselves for. As per Lakshmi: Goddess of Prosperity (1) I'm highly sceptical they're value for money.

And to prove it, to show that if Corvids (Crows and Ravens) can use sequential problem-solving, then this is type of problem-solving (minimizing assumptions and maximizing focus through parsimony) what Dr. RAE North's FLEXCIT plan adopts and hence is another Concept Shift away from other Brexit plans which are declarative min-max fallacies (as per Daniel Hannan's energetic but misguided thinking) as opposed to iterative testing and adapting process according to Learning And Playing The Rules Of The Game:-

Connecting the past to the future: A coherent, structured, sequential British Exit (Brexit)

 Even understanding the above, you'll still get people who prefer the rule of "sentiment" across millions to "knowledge enhancement" as a way to improve the quality of arguments and hence put "working in action" the real creation of Direct Democracy that then itself becomes the precursor to future democratic reforms of our own governance instead of the "Lip Service  to democracy and progress of our present Political Class.